Sun and Moon Tattoos - Tips for Creating Unique Tattoo Designs

Published: 08th February 2010
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The sun and moon tattoo symbolizes the unity of opposites, the representation of the yin and yang or the opposing sides of good and bad. When these two elements are combined together, a much stronger force is created and formed.

The sun and the moon have contrasting sides when interpreted separately in terms of their characteristics. The sun is a symbolism of all things masculine such as strength, power, wisdom and authority. The moon on the other hand is a symbol for everything that is feminine in nature; beauty, emotions, instincts and imagination. The sun and moon typifies the grand principle of all generations, the active and the passive. The sun drives our purpose and existence in this world for us to achieve peace and happiness. The sun lets us rememeber that we are here to enjoy the divine consciousness and be thankful for the basic life force and physical body. The moon exudes the mystery and the unknown, feelings and instincts and the unconscious and subconscious. The Moon is the symbolism for the material form and our everyday personality, while the Sun is the driving spirit behind and the vital spark of life force. They can be taken as opposite yet when taken together can create a complementary relationship.

The upper areas of the body can be the best locations for the sun and moon tattoo; the nape, upper back, shoulder blade and arm are fitting areas. This tattoo design is usually tattooed inside a circle as half moon and half sun. The whole ensemble can be seen with the sun's rays radiating while some choose to have stars added. They can be tattooed on one's skin either in the classic yet striking black ink or vivid and bright colors. When it comes to sun and moon tattoo, there is nothing set in stone. It is all up to the creativity and imagination of the tat artist to create a beautiful artwork on one's flesh.

The sun and moon tattoos are definitely great statement of amazing tattoo designs. Whether it be for the meanings they represent or simply for their aesthetic appeal, they are there for you to enjoy an a beautiful piece of body art. The sun and moon tattoo will always be liked and will continue to be trendy for more years to come/

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